Living Room

Living Room

Decorate your Easter table

In this feature on The Home Channel, Nadine Vosloo shows you how to use metalic paints to create beautiful underplates, stencil on fabric and create an easter table setting.

White washed wall and dot art

In this video, learn how to white wash your walls and how to do dot art. 

Paint it Scandi-chic

It’s always fun to tackle a project with Tjhoko. This living room has been decorated from top to toe in Scandinavian style with these versatile products. (photos HANNERI DE WET)

Scandinavian style Dining Room

Project 1 – Whitewash your wallsYou will need• 500ml Cement Grey • 500ml Don’s Wash• 500ml Cloud White • 50mm paintbrush Here’s how…1 Start with the darkest colour and work with a fairly dry paintbrush. Dip the brush in the Cement Grey, dab off most of the paint on the

Furniture done by Belinda van den Berg

So easy to transform your furniture with Tjhoko Paint – re-vamping at it’s best!

Tjhoko Paint – Whitewash your wooding cladding

A whitewashed surface, whether wood or brick, is right on trend; for this project, we whitewashed wooden cladding in four lovely different shades for added impact. Applying this technique to wood changes its colour, but does not cover the grain. And remember, it only works on raw timber and not

Tjhoko Paint – Chalk painting an underplate

Here’s how… 1. Paint the wooden board in Sherif’s Stone. When dry, drybrush with Silver then Rose Gold. 2. Secure the stencil on the board with masking tape and evenly spread Stencil of Paris (Tjhoko’s embossing paste) on top with a paint scraper. 3. Remove the stencil while the Stencil

Tjhoko Paint – Chalk painting on fabric

You will need:• stencil in the design of your choice• masking tape• stencil brush• 250ml Tjhoko Paint (in a colour of your choice); we used Lorains Cream. Which fabrics work best?Natural fabrics such as cotton, cheesecloth and other woven materials are ideal for stencilling. Here’s how…1. Place the curtain on

Tjhoko Paint – Chalk painting an Ice Bucket

ONE FOR THE BUCKET LIST! Give an old household item a brand new look with Tjhoko paint and glaze.

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