Scandinavian style Dining Room
Scandinavian style Dining Room

Scandinavian style Dining Room

Project 1 - Whitewash your walls
You will need
• 500ml Cement Grey
• 500ml Don’s Wash
• 500ml Cloud White
• 50mm paintbrush

Here’s how...
1 Start with the darkest colour and work with a fairly dry paintbrush. Dip the brush in the Cement Grey, dab off most of the paint on the edge of the tin and then on a dry surface such as a piece of newspaper.
Lightly brush the paint over the bricks; in other words, you don’t coat the entire surface with a thick layer, you just alter the surface colour subtly.
2 Repeat step 1 – first with Don’s Wash and finally with Cloud White.

Dotted stenciling
You will need
• 15 x 15cm wooden blocks
• HB pencil
• stencil (we used MC016-15-H, available at Tjhoko stockists)
• Tjhoko chalk paint in the colours of your choice (we used 250ml Sherif’s Stone and 250ml Stéffan)
• good quality artist’s brushes with sharply-pointed tips (we used Prime Art 365R8)
• toothpick
• double-sided tape

Here’s how...
1 Place the stencil on a wooden block and trace the pattern on the surface, using the HB pencil.
2 Dip the artist’s brush in the first colour (we started with Sherif’s Stone). Make sure there is plenty of paint on the tip of the brush and dab droplets of paint all along the pencil lines of the design; vary the colours
if desired. Make sure the dots of paint are fairly thick and repeat this step if you’d like each dot to be more pronounced.
3 Dip the tip of the toothpick in a contrasting colour (make sure it is well-coated) and then create finer dots on top of, or alongside, the previous dots.
4 Wait until the paint has dried and then affix the blocks to the whitewashed wall with double-sided tape.

Project notes
• There are various ways to whitewash a surface; the dry-brush technique works especially well on a smooth brick wall.
• You can create different looks with the same stencil but different Tjhoko colours. Instead of the Scandinavian-look blocks we created, go for a Moroccan aesthetic with bright colours!

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