Do I need to prime previously painted metal surfaces?

The metal surface needs adhesion in order for the paint to stick. Preparation is key and will include removing all loose particles and paint on the metal surface. Afterwards, your metal surface needs to be washed down with water and left to dry thoroughly. Check whether the surface is rusted.

What do I need to do to paint a previously painted Ceiling in my Bathroom or Kitchen?

Firstly you need to clean the ceiling you want to paint. Use a cloth or duster to remove any dust or dirt that may be on the surface, as the dust will mix with your paint and create an uneven surface.  Check whether the ceiling has mould. Mould needs to

What are lap marks and why do they appear?

Lap marks appear as a difference in colour when wet and dry layers of paint overlap while painting. To avoid this from happening, maintain a wet edge while painting as a wet painted area remains workable enough to blend. For example, you are starting to paint a section of a

I am repainting my previously painted wall, why would the paint not cover after one or two coats?

The following could be the reason: Incorrect roller used for the specific surface. When purchasing a paint brush or roller, read the directions on the label as this will direct you as to which area should be painted with that specific roller.  Certain rollers such as foam rollers roll a

What time of day is suitable to paint my roof?

Paint between 9 am and 4pm in summer and between 10am and 3pm in winter. Low temperatures and moisture as a result of dew and frost will impact on the performance of the paint

Do I need to use a Paint Brush or roller to paint my tile roof with?

By applying the paint with a roof brush you get a thicker film thickness and a more durable finish. 

If my ceiling is painted with a water based product and I want to repaint with an oil based product (or vice versa), what do I need to do?

To paint a water based product on an oil based product, or to paint an oil based product on a water based product, apply one coat of Universal undercoat first, leave to cure for 24 hours and then apply two coats of your top coat. 

Why does a colour appear to be different in different areas when dry?

Light and the way the light falls on a specific area influences the colour that you see. For example, a grey colour in one area will appear grey, and the same colour in a different room or outside area that has more or less light, could appear to be more

How many coats of paint do I need to paint for the top coat?

Two coats of paint is always required on any surface that you paint. When changing a darker colour to a lighter colour, three coats might be required. 

How do I select an Interior colour?

Before selecting a colour, decide on the theme you would like to create in the room and take the following into consideration: What colours are in the room by means of accessories, linen, furniture etc.? Choose a colour that is slightly contrasting to these colours, but still fits in with

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