Paint it Scandi-chic
Paint it Scandi-chic

Paint it Scandi-chic

It’s always fun to tackle a project with Tjhoko. This living room has been decorated from top to toe in Scandinavian style with these versatile products. (photos HANNERI DE WET)

* The claystone wall was whitewashed by applying Tjhoko paint to the wall with a damp cloth, in the colours Vinia Stone and Cloud White respectively.
* The light fittings were painted with a few coats of Tjhoko in the colours Sherif’s Stone (charcoal) and Simon Says (yellow).
* The faux-leather recliner chair, originally wine red, was given a new lease of life with Sherif’s Stone.
* The ladder behind the chair was painted in Matt Black.
* The cushion was stencilled with Sherif’s Stone and Simon Says.
* The table was painted in Don’s Wash and the feet in Matt Black.
* The cement floor was stencilled with a pattern stencil and Stencil of Paris. Afterwards it was ‘washed’ with the colours Vinia Stone and Cloud White.
* The clipboards were all painted in Matt Black except for the yellow one, which was painted with Simon Says. They serve as frames for the photos, which were printed in A5 size on artist’s canvas. A memory, with the place and date, has been written in chalk around each photo. We wrote in charcoal on the yellow board, instead of chalk. The photos can be replaced as often as you choose.

* It’s important to first give surfaces where there may be oiliness, dirt or dust, such as the chair’s faux leather, a thorough wipe with lacquer thinners. Wait 20 minutes after cleaning before you start to paint.
* Always wait for the paint to dry properly between coats before applying the next coat – about 20-30 minutes should be sufficient.
* No sealant was used in any of our projects for this room.

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