Tjhoko Paint – Chalk painting a piano
Tjhoko Paint – Chalk painting a piano

Tjhoko Paint – Chalk painting a piano

Whitewash a wall
Mix equal quantities of Tjhoko Paint with water; we used Lorain’s Cream. If you’re after a more
solid whitewash effect, add more paint and less water. If the wall needs a wash, use a mixture of
sugar soap and water and allow it to dry before applying the whitewash technique. Dip a damp cloth
in the paint mixture and apply it to the wall.
• The mixture can be applied to facebrick surfaces and raw timber. Test the mixture in an inconspicuous spot.
• If you’re applying this technique on a surface that gets direct sunlight, prepare the mixture as follows: 250ml Tjhoko Paint in the colour of your choice, 120ml Clear Glaze and 20ml water (this will cover about 8m2). The glaze will add a satin UV- and water-resistant finish.
Add a bit of bling:
Ensure that the surface you want to paint is clean by wiping it down with thinners. Paint the blue
sections (choose any colour you like) with a good quality 50mm paintbrush; wait about 20 minutes
before applying a second coat. You don’t need to apply a wax; Tjhoko Paint is already sealed. Now paint the Charm’s Silver; shake well before you apply it as the metallic pigments are heavy and will sink to the bottom of the pot. A good quality 38mm paintbrush fits neatly into the 250ml paint pot.
A stencil effect:
Add an exotic touch to any surface with a Moroccan-style stencil; we applied ours on a recessed area on the piano painted in the Charm’s Silver. Using a stencil brush, combine the colours Jane’s Jade, True Blue and Olivia’s Pale and blend until you’re happy with the tone.
• Work with very little paint on the stencil brush to prevent it from bleeding underneath the stencil.
• Move the stencil brush in circles; it’s quicker and leaves a more even finish than dabbing the paint on.

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