Texture for your walls
Texture for your walls

Texture for your walls

Project notes
• If the existing paint on the wall isn’t in a good condition, apply two coats of good quality PVA in the colour of your choice.
• When applying the Stencil of Paris, start from the sides of the wall that will be most visible. We started from top left, as the half pattern in the corner by the loo is
covered by the drape.

• Tjhoko Paint Stencil of Paris
(1 x 290ml pot/m2)
• stencil in the design of your choice (good quality stencil with a firm design)
• 50mm–75mm good quality paintbrush
• 5cm paint scraper
• masking tape
• damp cloth

1 Start at the top. Secure the stencil against the wall with masking tape.
2 Scoop some Stencil of Paris from the jar with a paint scraper and apply it evenly all over the stencil, making sure you fill the cut-outs.
3 Once you’ve filled all the cut-outs with the Stencil of Paris, carefully remove the stencil from the wall while the paste is still wet. Wipe the back of the stencil clean with a damp cloth then with a dry cloth and repeat steps 1–3 until the entire wall is covered with your design.
4 When the majority of the wall is covered, cut the stencil into smaller sections to complete the remaining areas.
Be careful to cut the stencil in such a way that you don’t ruin the repeated pattern.

• If the Stencil of Paris gets smudged, fix it while the paste is still wet: simply remove it by lightly scraping it from the surface with the paint scraper, then wipe down
the surface with a damp cloth.
• If you prefer a wall that looks like it’s been covered with painted wallpaper, repaint the entire wall in the colour of your choice once the Stencil of Paris is dry.

Did you know? Depending on the detail of the stencil, one 290ml jar of Stencil of Paris should cover about 1m2.

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