Which primer do I need to use on raw ceilings?

Apply one coat of Paint Master Universal Undercoat to a raw ceiling and leave to cure for 24 hours Thereafter apply two coats of Paint Master Hi Cover

Which primer do I need to use for wood?

Raw wood should be primed with Paint Master Universal Undercoat to seal the wood and hide imperfections to provide an even surface. Leave the Paint Master Universal Undercoat for 24 hours to cure before painting the top coat. 

What is the spreading rate for the Paint Master Paint

Ultra Matt: 8 – 10 m²Sheen: 8 – 10 m²Low Sheen: 10 m²Hicover: 5 – 6m²Roofmaster: 6 – 8m²Mastertex: 7 – 8m²Water Based Plaster Primer: 6 – 8m²Metal Primer: 6 – 7m²Umbrella: 2 – 4m²

Do I need to apply a primer?

Interior Walls Wipe your hand over the wall to see if there is a visible chalky residue on your hand. If there is a chalky residue you shouldapply our solvent-based bonding liquid and allow to dry overnight. Should the wall you need to repaint not require replasteringor doesn’t have a

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